No Drama, No Gossip, No Stress

Ardance has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate, stress inducing, and/or drama filled behavior or gossip. We don’t tolerate disrespectful phone calls, emails or demands to fellow students or our staff. We strive to create a family, based on respect and mutual love for everything dance.

Private Lessons (Adults or kids, up to 3 people)

$30 Half Hour

$50 Full Hour

Automatic Payment

We do require automatic payment starting Summer 2021. The account balance will post to your account online on the 28th of the prior month, automatic payment will withdraw on the 1st of the month of tuition. If it does not process, you will be asked to provide an alternate tuition payment for your child before they resume class.

We work will families in times of need, if you are having problems with tuition – please contact us so we can set up a payment plan.

Our studio runs only if we timely pay our rent, utilities, staff and programs.. we ask that we be respected for our services.  

If you have questions about tuition or payment, please contact J at admin@ardancestudio.com.

Photo/Video/Media Sharing

We have a relaxed policy about sharing – if its public on our page or if its a photo/video of your child.. share away! Please refrain from publishing photos or videos or class curriculum (full length videos of drills, practices, etc) and other students. 

Ardance does regularly post about our students and media content – by signing up for classes you understand this. 

Class Observation 

Parents are more than welcome to watch class, but respectfully. We ask that you don’t interrupt, shout, groan, gossip or act in a disrecptpful way while doing so. Doing so violates our  No Drama, No Gossip, No Stress policy. 

Uniform and Attire, and Class Tardiness

We do ask students to attend class in proper attire, including leotard and hair out of face. As well as on time. If you project your child will be late to be class, just give us a text 570-231-0061.

Make Ups

Ardance regularly closes for holidays, these holiday breaks are part of how we calculate tuition, we do not offer make ups for Ardance observed holidays and breaks.

If Ardance has to close for an event, snow day (outside of normal), etc we offer make ups.

If a student receives less than 3 classes due to an Ardance closure – we will add in another class.

If a student receives 3 classes due to an Ardance closure – we allow make ups in a similar sister class.

If a student receives 4 classes due to an Ardance closure – the month is considered even and no make ups will be processed. 

If the month is shorter or longer than 4 classes unrelated to an Ardance closure, no adjustments or make ups will be made. 

If a student is away, misses a class due to illness, etc – we will allow make ups if you let us know in advance. 

By signing up for classes, a student and parent agree to all of our policies and agreements, including policies on our website, contracts, liability waivers and such. Notwithstanding anything.