HEELS- contact us by email to find out this week’s time for Heels! – Grabs those heels (or sneakers), and get moving with us! Become a more confident you! Dancers learn walks, poses, and spicy moves. Students are encouraged to wear comfortable non-slip shoes.

LINE DANCING- we offer group Line Dancing Classes. Taking a break until October. Classes are usually Mondays or Fridays at 7pm!

BALLET- Stretch out those muscles and increase mobility. Lengthen those legs and regain your balance. This class isn’t just for former Ballet Students, any student is encouraged to take up Ballet! We start with stretches aimed to warm up bodies and release tension. Followed with simple Barre work, students are taught technique, posture, etc. This class flows naturally and no student is ever left behind! The journey is set to relaxing melodies. EVERY WEDNESDAY AT 7PM