Kids in our Academy wear these colors during their classes.

Mommy and Me – Light Pink 

Ages 4-6 – Pink

Ages 7-10 – Teal/Blue

Ages 11+ – Purple

For specific classes:

Ballet –  A leotard or shirt of proper color, tights, ballet slippers and a skirt/shorts/pants.

Jazz/Hip Hop – A leotard or shirt of proper color, ballet slippers, non skid socks or Jazz shoes, pants/shorts/etc. 

Ballroom – A leotard or shirt of proper color, non skid socks, Jazz shoes or Ballroom shoes, pants/shorts/skirts etc. 

Our store

These items may all be purchased at Ardance along with costumes and dance wear and shoes. Our Store is open during normal classes or with an appointment. Call/text 570-231-0061 or

Announcing Themed Weeks for Kids! 

For one week each month we welcome all our students to attend classes in theme! 

August 12th (Monday)- August 18th (Sunday)  PAJAMA WEEK

September 16th (Monday) – September 21st (Sunday) DISNEY WEEK

October 23rd (Wednesday) – October 30th (Wednesday) COSTUME WEEK

November 18th (Monday) – November 23rd (Sunday)  NEON WEEK

December 15th (Sunday) – December 22nd (Sunday) HOLIDAYS WEEK