In a world filled with different forms of exercise from cardio to yoga and pilates, weightlifting and more, a new style of workout is emerging: Barre workouts. Here at Ardance we’re proud to introduce our own method : Divine Barre. Centered towards conditioning your mind and body, Divine Barre has benefits for both your physical and mental health. Results promised!

Divine Barre has provenly given real results in short time spans. Whether you want a consistent form of exercise you don’t dread going to or to loose a few pounds, or gain a Barre Booty 🙂 we’re here to help! This is not the kind of class where you fall in the back and follow along, we’ll guide you – support you and help you!

Current Schedule

Tuesdays – 7pm BARRE

Wednesdays – 7pm BALLET

Thursdays – 7pm BARRE

Saturdays – 9am BARRE

Sundays – 10am BARRE

Membership –


$15 per class

4 Classes for $40

$90 Monthly Unlimited