COVID 19 Safety

We have implemented the following to create the safest dance space possible.

-All Classes capped at about 6 students. Please note our prior limit was 15.

-Social Distancing. No high fives, no physical corrections, no group hugs, etc.

-6 Feet “Dance Spaces”. The floor will be marked so each student has adequate amount of room to move while maintaining 6 feet distance from teachers and students. “Dance Spaces” are designed as columns/rows so every student has enough space for across the floor/stretching/etc.

-Disinfecting. All doors, chairs, restrooms, etc will be disinfected between classes. We will also be fogging, fanning, and disinfecting the floors, walls, mirrors, air flow, etc in between classes. Please note, we will be airing out and fanning the studio in addition to using odorless disinfectants and/or safe ones so there is no odor left behind. The studio is equipped with commercial fan systems that circulate the air.

-MASKS REQUIRED WHILE ENTERING, please note we are mandated to require masks upon entry. All students must have a mask properly on. Once they reach their disinfected “dance space” can they take off their mask if they like. We ask all students to bring a baggy to place their mask in.

-Drop off/pick up. We will be requiring all parents to drop off their kids at the front door. If you wish to stay, we are allowing 1-2 parents per child. All chairs will be 6 feet apart. Parents must wear masks while entering. We will be requiring parents to meet their children at the door once class is finished. 

-Temperature/Symptom check. Upon entry, all students’ temperatures will be taken using a contactless thermometer. We will also be insuring students have been free of symptoms and have not traveled.

-Any belongings the student has will be placed by the wall in their own “Dance Space”. 

-No contact enrollment, tuition payments. We have set up a contactless portal where students can enroll, pay tuition, etc. 

-Restroom Rule – Please insure your child has used the restroom prior to class. The restroom will be disinfected and hand sanitizer will be provided.

We will be requiring all students to follow social guidelines we have set in place above.

A sample class entry will look like this –

-Student is symptom free and has confirmed such with us.

-Student walks in/is dropped off and heads to the first available “Dance Space”

-Student is met at door and has temperature taken by a masked employee. Student is also wearing a mask. Student takes off shoes and uses hand sanitizer provided by Ardance.

-Student places belongings by wall (water bag etc). 

-Class begins with no contact amongst students or teachers.

-All surfaces are disinfected prior to class. 

-Students leave class one by one.